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The Fiction Shelf is a new website which aims to build an online library “to which people who love reading will come to see the very best in new writing.”

The site is under construction (and promises a rather nifty design), and they are asking for submissions of short stories and poetry.

They say:

We know how beautiful our art can be, and we know that for any art to flourish it needs an audience. Therefore, we make these promises:

  • We promise our library will be aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use.
  • We promise to promote each writer with passion and energy, and to give equal prominence to each genre of writing, to give the science-fiction writer as much opportunity to shine as the haiku writer.
  • We promise to grow organically together, to give you, the writer, the space and facilities to meet your changing needs as your popularity increases.
  • We promise that our library will be run with care, and with the interests of readers and writers always coming first.

But above all, we promise there will be readers.

Go and take a look 🙂

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