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Getting Started

Pen and paperI’m Rosie. I’m 23 years old and about to embark on A215 Creative Writing with the Open University.

My desk is cluttered with piles of paper and workbooks. My computer is groaning under the strain of all the open internet windows. Each window contains more precious and important information about the OU and my course. I will never read them all.

I have an empty glass next to me. It used to contain red wine. Luckily, I drank it before I gave myself the opportunity to spill its contents onto my new workbooks.

This blog may chart my journey through the A215 course. I won’t be posting my writing, although my opinion on this may change.

Before the course officially begins on October 3rd I hope to read all the information material I’ve been provided with, although at the moment this seems to be a rather daunting task. Wish me luck! x

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