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In a previous post, I was furiously writing a long piece to submit as the dissertation for my Masters. That seems a like a very long time ago now! I submitted 21,000 words of a novella called Watching the Asylum, and I graduated with a distinction, so I’m very pleased!

Since then, I have been working in a bookshop and enjoying it a lot. I’ve also got a short-term (paid!) writing job connected with my previous employment at a university, so that’s fantastic news.

I have been having a great time during the past few months. But, crucially, I haven’t really been writing very much. So it’s time to knuckle down and really do this. Expect more posts.

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My friend Iain has got together with a fellow writer to write a novel. Both Iain and Heide are exceptional writers, and the process itself sounds fascinating.

Luckily for the nosy, they’re blogging about the experience. Wander over to the Idle Hands Blog to find out more.

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