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My friend Iain has got together with a fellow writer to write a novel. Both Iain and Heide are exceptional writers, and the process itself sounds fascinating.

Luckily for the nosy, they’re blogging about the experience. Wander over to the Idle Hands Blog to find out more.

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I’m going to be doing the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge: reading four books and posting the reviews on this blog. So here’s a question: what do you think makes a good book review?

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Oh dear. Procrastination stations!

I’ve gone back to Twitter. Not only that, but I’ve linked my twitter account to this blog, and linked my Facebook to the new account. Therefore this blog is a little more public than previously.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been thinking that it’s a shame I don’t have a public blog. I have a private and anonymous one which has been going for about three years, but there’s a lot of stuff on there which I don’t want real life people to know about.

The fact is, I like social networking (this is a little embarrassing to admit), and I like blogging so much that I am vaguely involved with at least five of them: Birmingham Conservation Trust, once there was, this one, my private one, and a couple for work. But none of them enabled me to share inanities with friends, so that is now what this one has become.

It’s still going to be mainly about writing, because that is what I think about and talk about (shame I never actually sit down for ten minutes and actually do it). But it’ll also have some life-related stuff as well, I hope.

All excellent news, and all excellent procrastination tools, no? 🙂

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No Promises

black notebookI have an anonymous blog in another section of the internet, and have had for a couple of years. On that blog I write about my inner thoughts and feelings, along with my day-to-day adventures. The people who read it are really lovely and friendly, but I don’t know any of them in real life. I don’t want to know any of them in real life. They know too much about me already!

This  blog is not intended to be anything other than a record of my thoughts about creative writing, with a concentration on my Open University course, A215. I’m excited about having a new blog, and this will be my fourth post in two days.

However, if I find that my OU Course workload becomes too much, or if I become uncomfortable or bored with this blog, I will stop. This blog is primarily for me, and to offer support to others embarking on a similar journey. If I stop enjoying this, then its objectives are no longer relevant.

That said, I hope this blog becomes an interesting and fun place to be for me and any readers who feel like dropping by. Feel free to leave a comment, it will make my day 🙂

Ciao for now x

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