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The title is an important part of a story or poem (or, indeed, blog post); it often tells the potential reader about the genre, style and content of a story. Really good titles have more than one meaning, and more than one reason for their relevance to the story. Good titles seem to be perfect, and you rarely find yourself questioning why the author chose them, or how they thought it was an appropriate choice.

I have a big problem with choosing titles. Often, I even forget to choose a title until the last minute – until I have ten minutes before my assignment is due, or I need to submit a competition entry before I leave work (ahem). When I do eventually pick one (often with the help of some rather extreme straw-grasping, Wikipedia and Google), it never feels quite right. But then, nor do any of the other myriad possibilities I have considered.

So, how do you choose your titles? And what makes a good title?

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