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No Promises

black notebookI have an anonymous blog in another section of the internet, and have had for a couple of years. On that blog I write about my inner thoughts and feelings, along with my day-to-day adventures. The people who read it are really lovely and friendly, but I don’t know any of them in real life. I don’t want to know any of them in real life. They know too much about me already!

This  blog is not intended to be anything other than a record of my thoughts about creative writing, with a concentration on my Open University course, A215. I’m excited about having a new blog, and this will be my fourth post in two days.

However, if I find that my OU Course workload becomes too much, or if I become uncomfortable or bored with this blog, I will stop. This blog is primarily for me, and to offer support to others embarking on a similar journey. If I stop enjoying this, then its objectives are no longer relevant.

That said, I hope this blog becomes an interesting and fun place to be for me and any readers who feel like dropping by. Feel free to leave a comment, it will make my day 🙂

Ciao for now x


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It’s widely acknowledged that you’re at an advantage when studying if you have a comfortable and convenient area in which to work. With this in mind, my boyfriend, Edward, and I piled into a friend’s car last weekend and headed over to Ed’s parents’ house in order to pick up a secondhand desk which they didn’t want anymore. Ed’s starting an OU Course as well, so we needed a desk each.

One thing we didn’t think about properly was that I would need some way of sitting at my new desk. Luckily, it emerged that Ed’s parents also had an old desk chair that they were thinking of throwing away, as it is broken. Ever the eco-warriors (and loathe to see anything salvageable thrown into a landfill), we dutifully took the chair as well.

Unfortunately, the chair really is broken. It’s a very nice office chair in tattered black leather, with arms and padding. It’s also very comfortable to sit in, until you lean slightly to the left, at which point the old pivoting mechanism comes into play and you are tipped out of the chair sideways and onto the floor. I’m all for make-do-and-mend, but there’s only so long you can sit in that chair until one leg and the muscles in your back are screaming. You may as well be standing up, really.

Ed’s been lying underneath it with a screwdriver, trying to fix the mechanism, but to no avail. For a few hours last night its height was once again adjustable, so I could actually see the computer without sitting on 3 cushions. But when I sat on it again this morning, it let out a pitiful and gaseous sigh as it slid downwards, not to be raised again.

This is not an ideal situation, and one which my tenuous levels of concentration won’t enjoy once the course starts. In fact, any excuse to skive and I’ll be watching Coronation Street in my PJs, avoiding any OU work, if my past track record is anything to go by. This won’t do.

I need a new chair. I’ll be scouring the charity shops in my lunch hour. Wish me luck! x

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Applying Myself

I finished university in 2007. Throughout the three years of my course (Psychology), I struggled to concentrate on anything for a significant amount of time, and frequently found myself working through the night to hand in an essay due the next day. This was because I hadn’t planned my time adequately, and, to be quite honest, I would rather go out drinking with my friends than sit in the library for weeks in advance of a deadline. When I did sit down to work, I would find myself chatting with friends on the internet, refreshing Facebook or creating an online blog in which to procrastinate further.

I spent much of this procrastination time feeling guilty for my lack of application, and I wasted a lot of time.

Part of me thinks that this happened because I wasn’t entirely interested in my course, but another part of me strongly suspects that my lack of attention span and inability to concentrate unless a deadline is staring me in the face, is mainly down to the type of person I am. But this isn’t a good thing, and can surely be rectified, or at least battled through.

My mum once said about me, “if it’s not exciting, she’s not interested”, referring to the fact that I was taking my driving test later that week and hadn’t practised driving for a number of weeks. As usual, I was leaving things to the last minute. Unsurprisingly, I failed the driving test.

Now, I find myself about to start the A215 Creative Writing Course, and I really want to succeed. I want to finish writing up my assignments with enough time to edit and proofread, and to be able to prepare adequately for them in advance, so that the end product of each TMA is well thought-out and considered. I want each assignment to be a good quality, stand-alone piece in itself.

This will take hard work and a lot of motivation, but I trust that because I am now doing a course I am interested in, perhaps I will work harder than I have in the past. I really hope so.

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Getting Started

Pen and paperI’m Rosie. I’m 23 years old and about to embark on A215 Creative Writing with the Open University.

My desk is cluttered with piles of paper and workbooks. My computer is groaning under the strain of all the open internet windows. Each window contains more precious and important information about the OU and my course. I will never read them all.

I have an empty glass next to me. It used to contain red wine. Luckily, I drank it before I gave myself the opportunity to spill its contents onto my new workbooks.

This blog may chart my journey through the A215 course. I won’t be posting my writing, although my opinion on this may change.

Before the course officially begins on October 3rd I hope to read all the information material I’ve been provided with, although at the moment this seems to be a rather daunting task. Wish me luck! x

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